About Data Science

Data Science is rapidly driving business growth and success. This is dramatically increasing the demand for Data Scientists. According to Glassdoor, in 2016 Data Scientist was the best job in America. Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist "The Sexiest Job of the 21 st Century". However, finding people with the right skills is very difficult for companies. According to McKinsey & Co., by 2018 there will be 290,000 more data science jobs in the US than data scientists available to fill them. Also, the roles of existing business analysts, IT managers, application developers and even new hires are changing rapidly. Businesses need different skills than those possessed by the existing workers.

As more people get engaged in business science, both the technical and non-technical roles are evolving. Many business analysts are directly obtaining and analyzing data. At the same time, technical staff need to understand the business context and implications of the problem they are trying to solve.Even new computer science graduates need more than just programming skills. This has created a need for a combination of business and technical skills to solve real world business problems.

Divergent Thinking

The deluge of new and unstructured data (Big Data) has created many new possibilities for businesses. However, the techniques of the past are no longer sufficient to address these challenges. A fresh approach is needed. DSLA uses an approach based on divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the capacity to be creative, see multiple interpretations of a question, and multiple possible answers.

As the complexity of the challenges tackled by data science increases, collaboration across multiple roles and a team approach becomes critical to success. DSLA uses group learning, to build longer lasting knowledge and teach students to work in a team environment to learn more, and retain more!

Our uniquely designed curriculum allows everyone to learn to different depth based on interest. Think of it as choosing your level of the game. We have many level which will allow those who are seeking to be hooked on to go deeper in the subject.

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